I’m Ulla. Born in South Korea, grew up in Denmark. I’ve created this blog as a channel for my thoughts and experiences working, traveling and spending time abroad.

The name of this blog is called: NUNALOVE because ‘Nuna’ means big sister in Korean and and I remember the first time I heard my younger, biological Korean brother call me this: ‘Nuna’, I was so moved, because it was so natural for him to address me as his older sister, his ‘Nuna’ – as family, even though we grew up in two separate parts of the world.

Being adopted is a big part of me and I am so grateful for having found my Korean family including a brother and sister I never knew existed.

After spending time in Paris during the terrorist attacks last year in November, I decided to live my life instead of waiting for life to happen, so I embarked on an inner journey of finding the meaning of life as well as my purpose here.

I am currently traveling in Mexico and will be updating this blog with some of my future, as well as past travels, thoughts and stories.